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In 2023 we helped out 551 families. This was a huge increase on previous years. 
For the full report click here. 

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In 2022 we had 346 "clients".  We don't have data on how many people we help, since some will be families and couples.  There is also some overlap in our data recording.

2022 Clients by category.png
2022 Clienty by demographic.png

Clients need to be referred to us, and as you can see, we have a very broad number of referrers -85!

2022 Referrers.jpg

We are entirely funded by the sale of antiques and bric-a-brac items donated to use by our supporters, as well as gifts and grants.  It transpires that our twice a year Vintage Fayre is a key fundraiser for us.  Please offer to help us set that up and tidy up at the end if you can.  It's quite a burden on our older volunteers:-)  And we now need somewhere to store the items pre-sale.

How we raise money 2022.png

We are entirely run by volunteers with a part time admin.  Here is how we spend funds.  It includes the need to purchase carpet tiles, curtain rails and clothes rails which we typically cannot get from people locally.

How we spend money 2022.png

We are operating sustainably: 

TOTAL INFLOWS       £33,159


SURPLUS                     £4,063

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