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Examples of our work.  We do not always take photos, for reasons of privacy.

Hidden Help transforming homes using reusable items from
Cornwall Council’s Household Waste Recycling Centre in Truro

Photo shows container at Truro HWRC with Cllr Mould, Hidden Help's Judy Backus and volunteers, plus Suez staff.

A charity has helped transform more than 300 homes for people in need with the help of items that have been set aside for reuse at Truro’s Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC).  Truro HWRC is operated by SUEZ recycling and recovery UK on behalf of Cornwall Council.

Bissoe-based Hidden Help has participated in a successful trial collecting reusable furniture and other household items, including sofas, tables and chairs, rugs, lamps, TVs and kitchen equipment, from the Truro site.


The items are repaired, where necessary, and given to people in need that have been referred to Hidden Help by partner agencies, such as housing officers, social workers and other charities.

The trial, which was launched last year, has been so successful that the scheme is now set to continue on an ongoing basis.

Hidden Help founder Judy Backus said: “In 2022 Hidden Help turned cold, unwelcoming flats into warm, cosy homes for over 300 vulnerable households. None of this would be possible without our team of volunteer van drivers and the generosity of local people."Councillor Carol Mould, portfolio holder for Neighbourhoods at Cornwall Council, said: “We’re delighted to be working with Hidden Help to support people in need and would like to thank everyone who has helped make this scheme such a success.“All too often we see perfectly good items ending up in the bin because people want a change. If you’re redecorating or having a sort out at home, please set aside items that could benefit others and put them in the reuse container.”

"Good morning Judy, I would love to express my thanks to you and the team, for showing so much kindness to our family in our time of need.

We had nothing, and now we feel like we have a home.

My children are now sleeping in their own rooms because they have a bed and they feel more at home.

Yesterday was my son's birthday and today is my daughter's and what a lovely surprise to come home to a lovely table and chairs. I am totally greateful for all your help and the help of the drivers, those carrying the furniture, those arranging it and those who donated and sorted it out for the driver to deliver. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts."

Family with birthdays and feedback.jpg

Down to one pillow, we needed six for a family

Pillow 1.jpg

The same day The National Trust delivered 15!

Pillow 2.jpg

Just a note to say a huge thank you for delivering XXXXX so much "stuff" today!!

I have just spoken to him and he is absolutely over the moon and couldn't believe the generosity from strangers etc etc ....

You really have made a MASSIVE difference to someone's life today.

Thank you.

9 Cesarean.jpg
8 Cesarean.jpg
6 Cesarean.jpg
10 Cesarean.jpg
11 Cesarean.jpg

Here a client was coming out of hospital post childbirth, to a bare flat!  Hidden Help is able to move quickly to provide furniture, carpet and household items

Example of a recent client family requirement:

- Plates
- Cups
- Knives, forks, spoon's
- Cooking pans
- Tea towels
- Drinking glasses
- Tin opener

- Colander
- Dryer
- Washing machine
- Cooker
- Blind 5ft
Living room
- Laminate flooring
- Sofa and 2 chairs
- Table and 6 chairs
- Curtains 90x90
- Blind 4ft
Bedroom 1 boy
- 3m x 3m carpet
- Curtains 70x70
- Single sheets
- Single duvet covers
- 1 Single duvet
Bedroom 2 girl
- 4m x 4m carpet
- Curtains 60x60
- Bedding bottom sheet
- Single duvet cover
- Pillow cases
-1 single duvet
Bedroom 3
- 4m x 4m carpet
- Curtains 90x90
Bedroom 4 girl
- 4m x 3m carpet
- Blind 4ft
- 1 single duvet
- Carpet 14 ft
- 10 Bath Towels
- 10 face cloths
- 10 handtowels
- Bath mat
- Tooth brushes
- Hair brush

4 Old guy hospital.jpg
1 Old guy hospital.jpg
3 Old guy hospital.jpg

Older person, also coming out of hospital to a flat without even any carpets

2 Old guy hospital.jpg

We delivered to a woman of 71 who had been living in the woods with her son, who died. She only had the things in her rucksack. Now in a flat thankfully.

Woods woman 71.jpg
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