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Hidden Help

Donate your furniture and household items to help those in urgent need in Cornwall to make a new home and a fresh start

Registered Charity No. 1193305

We help those referred to us by Social Services and other statutory bodies – those fleeing domestic violence, the homeless, refugees, ex-prisoners, the elderly, long-term sick and those being re-housed.  We set them up with your recycled household items quickly and for free, since very often they are given an apartment with nothing in it at all - not even carpets or curtains or anything to cook with or sleep on. We can fix that with your help and give individuals and families some dignity.



Started by Judy Backus in 2007 (on her own), Hidden Help is now a registered charity with volunteer helpers, working to respond quickly to those who need urgent help.

Person / family in need

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Antiques shop to raise funds


Donations, grants & fundraising

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and make a difference

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to help those that need them

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Donate £ here to help

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If you would like to donate to our work, we would be incredibly grateful. You can do so by clicking on the Give a Little logo. It is cheaper for us and gives you a chance to gift aid if you are able.

If, however, you really prefer to use PayPal, then the yellow button below is for you. Thank you!

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